Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Milk Money

It’s hard to find a parent who hasn’t stood in their child’s closet and said: “I can’t believe I paid so much for that and he only wore it once” or “I paid all that money for this and it doesn’t even fit her anymore!”

But there is a solution whether it’s to earn back some of the money or snag a bargain on designer threads-- Milk Money.
Started in 1999 by Maplewood moms Danna Hunking and Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, Milk Money is celebrating a decade of offering recycling children’s goods and giving moms and kids a place to shop and play!
This truly unique consignment store is also a franchise with 6 locations in NJ and NY including the Princeton location where consignment stores are giving boutiques some recession friendly competition.
“Because of the economy, we’re getting more shoppers who would normally spend the money on new or designer clothing,” said Gina G’Adamo, owner of the Princeton store. “And that means we’re getting a lot more designer labels in exchange. People figure if they can make some money off the barely used clothing, why not!”
Browsing the racks, you’re sure to find brands like Patagonia, Rothschild, Ralph Lauren, The Gap and even Burberry. Children’s books of various reading levels line the brightly colored shelves and while the space is limited, there’s plenty of room for recycled toys, strollers and shoes!
Milk Money stores are more than just a place to swap and shop. The original Maplewood location and Morristown store provide an extra playroom for kids proving that this is not just a shop, it’s a childhood experience.

This NJ My Way article was written by Managing Editor Hilary Morris of www.mrsmonj.com.

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