Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Case For Paper

Everyone knows that Twitter, Facebook and Blog are the must-have tools to make an impact with friends, customers, and clients. So why is one New Jersey company sticking to pen on paper and snail-mail to create relationships? Robbinsville based ClientHooks, specializes in the old fashioned practice of sending personalized greeting cards. The company makes personalized greeting cards for businesses and sales professionals to build customer relationships. ClientHooks does exactly what the name says: it hooks clients and builds relationships with something as simple as a card. “Old fashion thoughtfulness is hard to find these days,” said owner Melissa Denisco-Morici. “It’s just easier for people to send a text, e-card or e-mail but it just doesn’t have the same impact.” Businesses who use ClientHooks can choose from an assortment of holiday and occasional card designs, vibrant envelope colors and seasonal stamps to ensure that they will be on their customer’s mind. Working with her own clients to design card campaigns is what Melissa enjoys the most about her job. “Hands down the best part of my job are my clients. I can make my business fun and creative because I get to know their personalities and become more like a member of their in house marketing team.” While email and Twitter are quick, relatively simple and free, Melissa says customers still appreciate friendly gestures and personal greetings whether it’s in a holiday card, birthday greetings or unexpected Valentine’s Day card. A paper greeting card may not be the speediest form of communication, but in the long run, it may be the most memorable. This sponsored article was written on behalf of ClientHooks, LLC. by NJ My Way.

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