Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mamma Mia

Food: Old World Italian Got a hankerin’ for Southern Italian food made with love? Make your way to Guerriero's in Morristown for a taste of the old country. This is authentic Southern Italian "momma making the gravy" restaurant. You will be bringing a few bottles of Nero d’Avola or a nice old Barolo for this rib-sticking, "memories are made of this" example of cooking. The restaurant is a BYOB like many in the immediate area. A "family-friendly" gathering place-where, “everyone knows your name” is set in a historic old Morristown grocery store that retains the buzz and energy of its glorious history. The atmosphere is friendly and eager to help, from the gal taking names for the “many hour waiting list on a Saturday night” at the door to guys who fill the water glasses. The menu reads well with delicacies gleaned from family recipes that according to the owner are "over 100 years old." Highlights of my meal included three gigantic "roasted in gravy" meatballs served simply on the plate--rich and comprised of long cooked meats and sparked by another dollop of the excellent house-made meat infused gravy. My wife enjoyed a special of the day comprised of a large portion of perfectly seared and pan roasted St. Peter's fish with escarole and savory white beans. Take care not to overfill yourself on the always - refilled Semolina Grain bread basket or the excellent amuse-bouche - slow cooked white beans on toasts with meltingly soft, sweet roasted garlic, olive oil and herbs. You'll want to make room in your stomach for the more ample portions of Guerriero’s family recipes including the pasta dishes, especially the Rigatoni ala Guerriero’s. If you are still hungry their desserts do not disappoint with an excellent, “not too sweet”, Italian Ricotta Cheesecake as our choice. Coffee is served steaming hot and freshly prepared, short pulls of espresso are available. The restaurant only accepts cash or checks, but several banks with ATM's are within a 30 second stroll. Come prepared to eat well and leave full and happy. This NJ My Way article was written by Wild River Review contributing editor, Warren Bobrow grew up on a farm in Morristown, NJ. His website is:

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