Monday, October 12, 2009

It’s convenient. It’s professional. And it’s harmful to you and the environment. It’s dry cleaning! Surprised? What you may not realize is that the chemical agent called Perchloroethylene (Perc), which is used to clean our suits, dresses and coats is actually contaminating the ground and harming our own health. So, who do you call in a time of need like this? Captain Dry Clean to the rescue! Known as entrepreneur Michael Waintraub by day, Captain Dry Clean has been making the Mercer County area a safer place to do laundry professionally since 2007 with the use of Organic cleaning agents. “Perc has been used for a long time, but it’s so dangerous,” said the Captain. “It’s why the dry cleaner tells you to put your clothing out in the garage after you pick it up, to let the Perc air out. We found a cleaning agent that is safer and does just as good a job.” The chemical Waintraub uses is a biodegradable and non-carcinogenic Organic compound called Gen-X from a Wayne-based company, Caled Chemicals, one of the leading distributors of dry cleaning products. He has also found other ways to be resourceful by using biodegradable bags and recycled hangers from customers. Waintraub is just one of those New Jersey dry cleaners who have moved to Green cleaning because of the state mandate to phase out the use of Perc by 2010. According to, “drycleaners would have until Jan. 1, 2010 to install fourth-generation, nonvented perc units to limit airborne emissions of perc” and the use of perc will be completely eliminated by 2021. But it wasn’t the regulations that made Waintraub be a Green dry cleaner. It was a personal and forward thinking choice. “When I started in the business I was a mobile dry cleaner using a distributor that used perc,” recalled Waintraub. “I was getting headaches and nauseous and decided that when I started my own company, I didn’t want to use perc for the health of my family and my customers.” You can catch Captain Dry Clean in action at either of his 2 Ewing locations, but fear not: the Captain hopes to swoop in to your community and make it a cleaner and greener dressed place!

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