Monday, October 5, 2009

The Cycle of Stuff

We are fans of Terracycle, ( the Trenton company where ordinary household goods are recycled into a cool assortment of candy wrapper school bags, pencil cases, and decorative objects. Now, these greener than greenies have opened a new store in Princeton’s Palmer Square, (63 Palmer Square West) so you can see and feel and buy these products, plus bring your recyclables and do some good of your own. Terracycle buys your stuff and converts it to these goods. We explained this program on our original post in March of 2008 after an impressive factory tour: The company even has a special program that helps hundreds of schools with fundraising. At the Princeton store, there is a wall of cubby holes for you to stuff your throwaways, and get paid $.02 for each item. It’s a great way to teach your little ones to recycle and be rewarded. Teachers, this is worth a field trip! Terracyle’s line of green garden products, includes the famous Worm Poop fertilizer (sounds awful, works great) packaged in recycled soda bottles. The company is succeeding in this unique eco-capitalism. They are making the Garden State –and every place greener, and we’re glad to help.

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