Sunday, September 27, 2009

OIL Change

There are a lot of reasons to visit the new Calandra's Italian Village in Bloomfield--maybe you'll want to have Sunday dinner in the restaurant with your extended family or watch Monday night football in the comfy bar. Maybe you'll pick up some fresh pastries or bread in the bakery, treat yourself to some gelato or stock up on Italian specialty foods. But what ever you go for, when you leave, be sure to pick-up a bottle of the house olive oil to take home. It's the same fragrant and fruity oil that graces your table in the restaurant. You know, the one they serve and top with freshly grated parmegian cheese for pre-dinner dipping. A delicious meal can be made of the bread and a bowl of Nonna’s Hand Pulled Chicken & Vegetable Soup...well maybe I'll have a salad too...and a glass of wine!
234 Bloomfield Avenue, Caldwell, NJ

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