Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dog Day Afternoon

I read Suzanne Zimmer Lowery's article, "Get Your Hot Dogs Here," (NJSL JUNE, 08 ) last summer with great relish (yeah, I know its a lame pun) and it got me salivating to try one of NJ's most revered hot dogs. Yet somehow a year slipped by with nary a bite. So on a recent Saturday I finally dragged (actually he was happy to go) hubby with me to Hot Dog Johnny's in Buttzville.
Being neophytes, we looked for a menu (non-existent) and then asked what to order. The offerings are limited, hot dogs, french fries (served in a brown paper bag), soda (birch beer for the regulars) and buttermilk. Yes, buttermilk, it seemed a little odd to me but they've been in business since 1944 so they must know what they're doing.
The signature dog was served on a roll with mustard under a snow cap of chopped raw onions and topped with a pickle spear. It was great!
Hot dog nirvana!
Thanks, Suzanne- Rutt's Hut is next!
Hot Dog Johnny's
Buttzville, NJ
Route 80 to Exit 12 and drive south Route 519 towards Hope, left on Route 46.
Note: You will pass right by the Four Sister's Winery on Route 519 if you're interested in a little wine tasting too!

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